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SnapLoad® Rapid Refill System

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SnapLoad® Rapid Refill System

SnapLoad® is a unique strap binding system that replaces screw posts and makes adding refills quick and easy!

Grant Studios is a major manufacturer of Albums and scrapbooks . SnapLoad® was invented by Dr. Stephen Grant, the founder of Grant Studios after becoming extremely frustrated with screw posts. Having to set up samples of new albums on a regular basis, he often found the screws were done up so tightly that he needed two sets of pliers to undo them. Apart from that, once the screws were undone, the pages shifted, and it took time and effort to try to get everything aligned again before the screws could be retightened. SnapLoad ® eliminates all of that and holds all the pages in place while refill pages are added or changes are being made to the page order.

With SnapLoad you can:
• Eliminate troublesome screws
• Add or remove pages in seconds
• Holds protector pages together firmly and Safely
• No difficult page alignment
• No force necessary (as with Screw posts which are done up too tightly)
• Easy snap action
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Grant Studios holds the Exclusive patent for the SnapLoad ® system. For international distribution or support enquiries please contact

Fitting SnapLoad to remove screw posts

Adding refills to your SnapLoad scrapbook