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At Grant Archival, we believe that memories are among the most precious of all treasures. Photographs capture moments of joy, celebration and the unique personalities of family and friends.

Founded in 2000 by Steve Grant, Grant Studios began by being one of the first manufacturers and distributors of quality scrapbooks in Australia. The squirrel logo was created to symbolise the storing of small treasures, which is the purpose of archival scrapbooks and photo albums.

Our Photo Albums, Scrapbooks and accessories are acid free, and government laboratory certified to be of archival standard. They have been accredited as complying with the International Standards Organisation 14523:1999 Photograph Activity Test (PAT), so they are safe and carry the PhotoGuard ® assurance.

The Grant Group of Companies and staff has been manufacturing archival photo storage products for over 20 years. Grant Studios holds several patents and design registrations for major scrapbook product innovations, and we distribute our products in several countries including Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Our aim is to provide a diverse range of safe, high quality archival photo storage products, to enable our customers to reflect on cherished times with family and friends, and to pass on their heritage to future generations.

Since 2000, Grant Studios has built its success on developing a diverse range of products to inspire creativity in both children and adults. Grant Studios is a nationally prominent creator and distributor of scrapbooking items. kids craft, photo albums, stationary and other related products.